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Robot Photo Booth Rental San Antonio

Meet the Robot Photo Booth

If you’re looking for an experience that’s truly unique and will leave your guests with dropped jaws, the Robot Photo Booth is exactly that. Your event won’t know what hit it with this truly extraordinary event experience.

What's Included:

Robot Booth

The Robot Booth is truly a work of wonder. This booth roams around your event independently, approaching and interacting with guests to encourage them to take part in the experience and take photos. With social sharing to boot, this is certainly going to be a hit at your event. For those, looking for some extra brand awareness, we’re able to fully brand the Robot Photo Booth for your next event!

We are fully Insured

We know how stressful hosting an event can be, so RMD Photo Booths aims to alleviate as much stress off of you as possible. One such way is ensuring that we are fully insured so you won’t have to preoccupy yourself with those concerns and focus on having fun at your event.

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