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Sketch Bot Rental San Antonio

Meet the Sketch Bot

Meet our robotic sketchbots – they swiftly transform your photo into a hand-drawn masterpiece in just 45 seconds. Ideal for events, these machines blend art and technology seamlessly, showcasing the potential of AI and robotics in creative expression.

Sketch Bot

Our SketchBot software swiftly creates stunning sketched portraits in 30 to 50 seconds, offering unique takeaways for guests. Elevate your event with custom branding options, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

We are fully Insured

We know how stressful hosting an event can be, so RMD Photo Booths aims to alleviate as much stress off of you as possible. One such way is ensuring that we are fully insured so you won’t have to preoccupy yourself with those concerns and focus on having fun at your event.

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